I believe that anyone can be fit.


Embarking on a health and fitness journey can bring up many emotions. I’m here for you. A strong support system is vital to your success on this journey. I am part of your support system. I believe that movement is medicine, and exercise can be linked to mental health improvements. Let’s get fit together.


I am a stickler for form. There is absolutely no reason to push yourself incorrectly and cause injury. Movements we do in the gym build on themselves over time. This is not a competition. This is not a race. Your workouts are about YOU. I will never ask you to do something harmful to your health.


I think working out should be fun. I want to make sure my clients enjoy their workouts, especially when doing something they may not be particularly fond of. I like to laugh with my clients, and am full of terrible puns and relevant analogies. We smile and laugh while we sweat and work hard.

About Me

I found fitness in my mid-20s. As a bartender, while setting up, I lifted a heavy bucket of ice, and strained my back. Realizing I was far too young to give myself such an injury, I decided to get STRONG. After my injury healed, I got a gym membership and hired a trainer.

I realized that I enjoyed working out! I started lifting weights and taking spin classes. I saw my body change. I FELT stronger. Then, at 27, I found roller derby. This gave me a new plethora of reasons to be fit, strong, and healthy. I chose the skate name Big Nasty partly to be intimidating, partly because when I strap on my skates, I feel larger than life.

I eventually decided to go back to school, and become a personal fitness trainer. I graduated from ACC in 2014 with an Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science, and am certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. I studied many of the different certifications at ACC, and found ACSM to the gold standard in the health and fitness industry.

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